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Friday, 1 February 2008

Radio Enkhuizen Afwisseling / Alternation 01-02-08

Vrijdag: 01-02-2008 NL - De AFWISSELING 19.00-24.00:
Centraal :


Rockenbach - : Click on logo website.

(Be fast, only up for a limited time 90 days for now. In case downloads arent working (Service full), try again on another moment of day or the next day.

Up Saturday 02-02-2008

Zoals gebruikelijk wordt de playlist van het programma
elke 10 minuten ververst. Of staat zelfs al online.

AFWISSELING STREAM met Peter : Klik op foto-Click on pic

01-02-2008 UK - The Alternation 18.00-23.00 GMT
CA - Alternation 12.00-17.00 in the Manitoba area

Featured today:

Rockenbach - : Click on logo website.

As usual there will be updates from the playlist every 10 minutes.

19.00-21.00 uur - Muziek Arena: Met Henk Rustenburg - Click for playlist

19.00 CET
Muziek Arena with Henk. ............HENK IS NOT IN TODAY

20.00 CET
Muziek Arena with Henk. ............HENK IS NOT IN TODAY

Camel: Click Pic for Camel site
This candle is burning for Andy Latimer of Camel.
He is undergoing a treatment against cancer. May the transplant be a success.

ROB LEIGHTON - Radio Caroline
On january the 17 th, Caroline presenter Rob Leighton passed away.
Rob was an authority on progressive (symfo) rock.
His Imagination on Caroline was an outstanding good program.
We shared the same musical spirit.
His leave to the big cathedral in the sky is a loss to all around him and his listeners. for more about Rob.

Shirley Bassey elk uur - : Click on pic for website.

19.00 CET
NO Muziek Arena with Henk BUT Alternation
with Peter

01- Pater Moeskroen - Een Vrolijk lente lied
02- OST Thierry de La Fronde
03- Supremes - In and out of love
04- Trammps - (where were you when the lights went out in New York city

Marlies: Click on pic Marlies for Marlies website.
Pic by Kees Jansma for Studio Flevo.

05- David gates - Ann (for Ann)
06- Heart - Dreamboat Annie (2 versions)
07- Rob de Nys - Duetto
08- Sharon Redd - In the name of love
09- Dizzy man's band - A matter of facts
10- Divine Comedy - Pop Singers fear of the pollen count
--- (1999 - a secret history) - For Im
11- Herman van Veen - The hooi en te gras (1976)
12- Alphaville - Jerusalem
13- Rika Zarai - Yerushala 'im shel zahav
14- Emerson lake & Palmer - Jerusalem
15- Vangelis - Jerusalem

Rob de Nijs - : Click on Rob for website.

20.00 CET Alternation with Peter

16- ELO - Surrender
17- Vangelis - Titles (Chariots of fire)
18- Fortunes - Here it comes again
19- Rob DeNys - Still in my dreams
20- Frank Boeijen Groep - Aan de bezitters van een ziel
21- Mr president - Forever and one day

KAYAK cover COMING UP FOR AIR : Click Pic for Kayak site

22- Feeling - Fill my little world
23- Wax - In some other world
24- Ilse de Lange - I love you
25- Barclay James Harvest - River of dreams
26- Balance met Hans en Liesje - Agua de beber
27- Shakira & Carlos Santana - Illegal
28- Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger
29- Cindy Oudshoorn - Gedachten
30- Kayak - Settling down (Cindy Oudshoorn & Bert Heerink)
31- Kayak - Patricia Anglaia (vocals: Patricia Paaij)

ROCKENBACH - : Click on Bach for website.

21.00 CET Alternation with Peter

01- Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger
02- Geoff Love - How the west was won
03- Coral - Jaqueline
04- Tarja Turunen - I walk alone
05- Jeroen van der Boom - Jij bent zo

Rockenbach - : Click on pic for website.

06- Rockenbach - The Fifth
07- Tessa - I put my trust in you
08- Abba - Prelude (Traditional - Benny Anderson op GX1)
09- Abba - Voulez vous
10- Abba - Chiquitita

Linda Maarseveen: Click on Linda for website.

11- Shoes - Don't you cry for a girl
12- Percy Sledge - My Special prayer
13- Rockenbach - Vivo per lei
14- Kayak - Undecided
15- Linda Maarseveen - Tango d'amour
16- Trion - How we used to go

Rockenbach - : Click on pic for website.

22.00 CET Alternation with Peter

17- Shirley Bassey - When you smile
18- Nick en Simon - Rosanne
19- Survival - I'll be there
20- Edenbridge - Undiscovered land
21- Snow Patrol - Shut your eyes
22- Rockenbach - Aria (Ekseptional)
23- Sarah Brightman - Only an ocean away

Miriam: Click on Miriam for website.

24- Miriam Stockley - Alla Notte - Adagio
25- Robby Valentine - Here, there and everywhere
26- Genesis - Ripples (Live over europe)
27- Rockenbach - Toccata en fuga (Ekseptional)
28- Jo Lemaire - Metamorphose

MARLIES & ROBBY VALENTINE VIDEO ON "YOU TUBE" - "When loving you is wrong".
Robby Valentine: Klik op Pic voor Robby Valentine website - Click on pic for entering Robby Valentine website. - Pic by Kees Jansma for Studio Flevo.
Rockenbach - : Click on pic for website.

23.00 CET Alternation with Peter

29- Shirley Bassey - I who have nothing
30- Shirley Bassey - The living tree
31- Rockenbach - Miserere (Ekseptional)
32- Rockenbach - My Pianoman (Ekseptional)
SURVIVAL : Click Pic for Survival site
33- Survival - Angel of life
34- Survival - Adagio (Baldwin)
35- Kayak - What i'm about to say
36- Rockenbach - Concerto pour une voix (Ekseptional)

Rockenbach - : Click on pic for website.

37- Rick Wakeman - Cathedral of the sky
38- JP - Letting go
39- Fran Clark - Silly girl
40- Linda Maarseveen - Fly me to the moon
41- Trace - Final Trace

xx- Astrid Nijgh (vocals), Jenke Kaldenberg (carillon Dromedaris), Rick van de Linden (GX1): WELTERUSTEN ENKHUIZEN, WELTERUSTEN GOEDENACHT
(Album: De Razende bol-1979)

Kayak lineup 2008: Click for website

Foto: Irma Kok. Klik hierrrrr voor haar site

KAYAK Nostradamus cover : Click Pic for Kayak site

Here comes the future cover : Click Pic for In God We Trust site

Nick Barnes website

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All about LA here

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