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Friday, 24 April 2009

Radio Waddenzee 22-04-2009 KNV 10-13.00 TBTR

Radio Waddenzee Website: Klik op Logo - Click on logo.

Waddenzee (Pop) from 07.00--19.00 in the Dutch language.
Between 19.00 and 07.00: Radio Seagull (Rock)in English.
U can listen on 1602 Khz medium wave or on the internet.

Waddenzee stream: Luister/Listen online. Klik radio / Click radio

Click on pic of ship for pics, video and diary of Waddenzee on sea

RADIO WADDENZEE - Every wednesday morning: Peter
KOFFIE? NIET VERKEERD: 22-04-2009 from 10.00-13.00.


01-(6x)- TBTR- Martha Reeves & Vandella's
02-(0x)- Epica - Hunab K'u (A new age dawns)
03-(75)- Labelle - Lady Marmalade
04-(!9)- Marco Ter Beek - Kom bij me
05-(67)- TBTR- Tremeloes - Silence is Golden
06-(66)- TBTR- Jeff Beck - Hi Ho Silver lining
07-(6x)- TBTR- BoxTops - The Letter
08-(!9)- Lady Gaga - Poker Face
09-(!9)- Mari Wilson - Forever Young

Mari Wilson: Click pic for site


10-(0x)- Mike Batt & Royal philharmonic Orchestra ft.
-------- - Roger Daltrey - The Boys of summer
11-(6x)- TBTR- The Who - I can see for miles
12-(6x)- TBTR- John Fred & his playboy band - Judy in disguise
13-(6x)- TBTR- Paul Jones - I've been a bad bad boy
14-(!9)- TBTR- Duffy - Stay with me baby
15-(!9)- LadyLau - See (Sense)
16-(!9)- LadyLau - Rainbow Thoughts (Sense)
17-(6x)- Shadows - Apache

Radio Waddenzee- Jenni Baynton on the Waddensea


18-(6x)- TBTR- Kinks - All day and all of the night
19-(6x)- TBTR- Chris Andrews - Yesterday man
20-(6x)- TBTR- Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass - This guy 's in love with you
21-(!9)- Kelly Clarkson - My life would suck without you
22-(!9)- Starsailor - Tell me it's not over
23-(!9)- Myriam Gaasbeek - The gods must be crazy
-------- - (OST: Ik omhels je met 1000 armen)
24-(6x)- TBTR - Tommy James & Shondells - Crimson & Clover

Kayak latest studio album 2008 - Click pic


25-(6x)- TBTR- Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be nice
26-(66)- Walker Brothers - My ship is coming in
27-(6x)- TBTR- Smokey Robinson & Miracles - Ooh baby baby
28-(6x)- TBTR- Skeeter Davis - The end of the world
29-(6x)- TBTR- Easybeats - Friday on my mind
30-(6x)- TBTR- Procol Harum - A whider shade of pale
31-(0x)- Mike Batt & Royal philharmonic Orchestra ft.
-------- - Joey Tempest - Born to run
32-(6x)- Shadows - FBI

Asia: Click pic for website.


33-(6x)- TBTR- Supremes- The happening
34-(6x)- TBTR- Turtles - She'd rather be with me
35-(6x)- TBTR- Otis Redding - These arms of mine (witje)
36-(!9)- Nikki - What did i do
37-(!9)- Delain - April Rain
38-(6x)- TBTR- Dusty Springfield - You don't have to say you love
39-(6x)- TBTR- The McCoys - Hang on Sloopy
40-(6x)- TBTR- Kinks - Sunny Afternoon
41-(xx)- Boz Scaggs - Simone

Gloria Estefan - Click for website on pic


42-(6x)- TBTR- The Who - My Generation
43-(6x)- TBTR- Cat Stevens - Father and son
44-(6x)- TBTR- Isley Brothers - This old heart of mine
45-(!9)- Bruce Springsteen - Queen of the supermarket
46-(6x)- TBTR- Bystanders - 98.6
47-(6x)- TBTR- Lorraine Ellison - Stay with me baby
48-(6x)- TBTR (Special Edition) - Fortunes - Caroline
49-(7x)- Van McCoy - African Symphony

(Pic By PeTim for Beachradio)

Radio Waddenzee 1602 AM from 07.00-19.00

Radio Seagull 1602 AM from 19.00-07.00
(Seagull stream 24 hours of Seagull)

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