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Friday, 19 February 2010

Radio Enkhuizen Afwisseling 19-02-2010 21-24

Vandaag/Today : 19-02-2010 NL - DE AFWISSELING 21.00-24.00:

UK - ALTERNATION 20.00-23.00 GMT

CA - ALTERNATION 14.00-17.00 in the Manitoba area
Przemiennie 22.00-01.00, Italia Alternanza 21.00-24.00 CET

All contact and tuning in info regarding Radio Enkhuizen and Alternation:
Click on Peter in Studio (Above)

Voor stream / Listen to the stream
: Klik op foto-Click on pic Radio (Below)

Vandaag / Today:

CD special: Sylkie Monoff - Genuine

With: (amongst others) Quantum Fantay, Focus, Breathing Space, Renaissance etc

(Next week Lucy Steymel tribute)

Sylkie Monoff: CD Special Genuine, (click pic 4 site)

As usual there will be updates from the playlist every 20 minutes.

Email & MSN contact:

19.00-20.00 uur - Muziek Arena: Met Henk Rustenburg - Click for playlist

Breathing Space: Olivia will join Mostly Autumn as leadsinger to replace the leaving Heather Findlay. 26/2 will be the only chance to see her in NL with Breathing Space - Click on pic for site

FOCUS, Quantum Fantay en BREATHING SPACE 26-02-2010 Boerderij Zoetermeer
Aanvang 20.00.

LOEKZ: We hadden een kans...... Click pic for info

21.00 CET Alternation with Peter
(TS=Tracks from Talent cast/Sellaband artists)

01-(7x)- Focus - House of the king
02-(6x)- Geoff Love - How the west was won
03-(10)- Loekz - Ik ben verliefd (Sha la lie la)
04-(07)- Breathing Space - When i hold on to you (Coming up for air)
05-(05)- Mostly Autumn - Shrinking Violet
06-(78)- Genesis - Snowbound
07-(96)- Varius Manx - Orla cien (Ego 1996)

Fabulous country album of 2009: Genuine by Sylkie Monoff: Click pic for MySpace.

08-(09)- Sylkie Monoff - Steal your crown (Genuine)
09-(09)- Sylkie Monoff - Something in me (Genuine)
10-(09)- Breathing Space - Lantern for a smile (Below the Radar)
11-(75)- Focus - Father Bach
12-(01)- Focus - Sylvia (Recorded live at the Rainbow)
13-(09)- Silhouette - Far away (Moods)
14-(07)- KnightArea - Under a new sign (Under a new sign)

Sylkie Monoff: From Germany to USA. Click pic for Website Sylkie

22.00 CET Alternation with Peter

15-(71)- Focus - Hocus Pocus
16-(07)- Breathing Space - Drowning (Below the radar)
17-(09)- Quantum Fantay - The spirit
18-(04)- Renaissant - Alone (South of Winter)
19-(10)- Stephanie Adlington - My secret sin

Stephanie Adlington (picture exclusive to Beachradio) - Click pic for website

20-(09)- Sylkie Monoff - Laughin' (Genuine)
21-(09)- Sylkie Monoff - Can't be worse (Than LA)(Genuine)
22-(10)- Lise and Morten (Soundsecrets)- When a blind man cries
23-(07)- Breathing Space - On the blue horizon
24-(07)- Breathing Space - Time tells all the unknown
25-(74)- Focus - Bennie Helder

Stephanie Adlington on Youtube- Click pic for awesome Video

23.00 CET Alternation with Peter

26-(07)- KnightArea - Mastermind (Under a new sign)
27-(7x)- Focus - Focus III
28-(01)- Focus - Hocus Pocus (reprise)
29-(09)- Sylkie Monoff - All the places (Genuine)
30-(09)- Sylkie Monoff - Take it slow (Genuine)
31-(10)- Catself - Bridges (Some Berries)(TS)

Sylkie Monoff, Click pic for MySpace.

32-(10)- Aineshana - My heart is a sea
33-(09)- Silhouette - Feeling God
34-(81)- Lucy Steymel - Midnight
35-(09)- Quantum Fantay - Into the deep (Kaleidothrope)
36-(09)- Breathing Space - The night takes you home (Below the radar)
37-(07)- Breathing Space - Turn of the tide (Coming up for air)
38-(79)- Astrid Nijgh - Welterusten Enkhuizen

Beachradio is also on MySpace (Click the pic)