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Friday, 28 May 2010

Radio Enkhuizen Afwisseling / Alternation 28/05/2010

Vandaag/Today : 28-05-2010 NL - DE AFWISSELING 21.00-24.00:

UK - ALTERNATION 20.00-23.00 GMT

CA - ALTERNATION 14.00-17.00 in the Manitoba area
Przemiennie 22.00-01.00, Italia Alternanza 21.00-24.00 CET

All contact and tuning in info regarding Radio Enkhuizen and Alternation:
Click on Peter in Studio (Above)

Voor stream / Listen to the stream
: Klik op foto-Click on pic Radio (Below)

Vandaag / Today:
Eurovision Song Contest, Eire at the top Celtic Festival Enkhuizen, and Forever Young Festival Grootebroek

Sofia Nizharadze to the Finale of ESC 2010. Click pic for website
As usual there will be updates from the playlist every 20 minutes.
Email & MSN contact:

19.00-20.00 uur - Muziek Arena: Met Henk Rustenburg - Click for playlist

The Brumbies of Australie: Read more about them while you listen to the story of a Brumby as sung by Louise Du Toit - Click on pic for Wikipedia
Picure credits: Paul Christensen

21.00 CET Alternation with Peter

01-(04)- Pater Moeskroen - Diddeliedee (Heimwee)
02-(10)- Draaiorgel de Anton Pieck - Ik ben verliefd
03-(10)- Eva Rivas - Apricot stone
04-(0x)- Oos Joos - Prut an me leerze
05-(08)- Mari Wilson - Forever Young (Emotional glamour)
06-(7x)- Normaal - Oerend hard

Sofia Nizharadze, candidate Georgia for Eurovision song contest 2010.
Click pic for website.

07-(70)- Bintangs - Ridin on the L & N
08-(7x)- Dubliners - The town i love so well
09-(00)- Bottle up and go - Jim McFarlay (vocals Paul van Gelder)
10-(0x)- Loreena Mc Kennitt - Neverending road
11-(10)- Niamh Kavanagh - It's for you
12-(10)- John Pascoe ft Lindy Waldeck - Letting go
13-(11)- Aniday - Lost the way
14-(9x)- Bon Jovi - Keep the faith

Blackmore's Night, lots of Candy: Click pic for BN site

22.00 CET Alternation with Peter
15-(10)- Sylkie Monoff - Steal your crown
16-(0x)- Oos Joos - Duizend roed in Andoik
17-(7x)- Normaal - Vrouw Haverkamp
18-(8x)- Normaal - Dat kump der now van
19-(09)- Stereo - Do ya
20-(10)- Aniday - Don't fool with me
21-(10)- Kristina - Horehronie (ESC 2010 Slowakije pre 1)

Eva Rivas - Click pic for Site

22-(10)- Kristina Vybornova - I pray for us
23-(7x)- Tri Yann - Nuit Celtique
24-(7x)- Tri Yann - Kan an Kann
25-(79)- Astrid Nijgh - De scholen haring
26-(0x)- Mike oldfield - Women of Ireland
27-(xx)- Mary Black - Song for Ireland
28-(09)- Aineshana - My heart is a sea

Stephanie Adlington on Youtube- Click pic for awesome Video

23.00 CET Alternation with Peter
29-(10)- Sylkie Monoff - All the places
30-(82)- Lucy Steymel & Hans Elzinga - Good morning sunshine
31-(82)- Lucy Steymel & Hans Elzinga - You're so sweet
32-(01)- Rapalje - As i roved out (Alesia)
33-(07)- Rapalje - Caledonia (Celtic Fire)
34-(07)- Emma Black - You got me (Where dark horses roam)
35-(10)- Didrik Solli Tangen - My heart is yours (ESC 2010 Norway)
36-(10)- Sofia Nizharadze - Shine (ESC 2010 Georgia)

Sofia Nizharadze singing Memory from the musical CATS, Click pic for Site.

37-(10)- Louise Du Toit - Heart of Australia
38-(10)- Louise Du Toit - We are just like them
39-(77)- Electric Light Orchestra - The whale
40-(76)- Yes - Don't kill the whale
41-(10)- Sylkie Monoff - I don't wanna do this

42- Welterusten Enkhuizen

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