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Friday, 30 March 2012

Radio Enkhuizen Afwisseling 30-03-2-12 LENTE 21-24

Vandaag vrijdag / Today Friday : 30-03-2012 NL - DE AFWISSELING 21.00-24.00:

UK - ALTERNATION 20.00-23.00 GMT
CA - ALTERNATION 14.00-17.00 in the Manitoba area
Polska Przemiennie 22.00-01.00, Russia
Чередование 23.00-02.00,
Italia Alternanze 21.00-24.00 CET,
Saturday 08-01-11 07.00-10.00

All contact and tuning in info regarding Radio Enkhuizen and Alternation:
Click on Peter in Studio (Above)

Voor stream / Listen to the stream
: Klik op foto-Click on pic Radio (Below)
Alternative: (Type searchstring: Enkhuizen in search field)

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Vandaag: Het is Lente
Featured Today:
All about Spring

Verder / Also:

Barbara Rubin - Loreweaver - Arcansiel
AND Stephanie Adlington

The Maisgirls (Release: 15 jaoren vriendschap):

DE MAISGIRLS ....... More info about the Maisgirls.... Click pic above
Release 15 jaoren 19-03-2012)

As usual there will be updates from the playlist every 20 minutes.
(More or less)

Email and MSN contact:

19.00-21.00 uur - Muziek Arena: Met Henk Rustenburg - Click for playlist

Lente - Click on pic for more info about Spring

21.00 CET Alternation with Peter

01-(2001)- Pater Moeskroen - Een vrolijk lentelied
02-(2006)- Epica - Hunab K'u
03-(2012)- Ivi Adamou - La la love (ESC 2012 Cyprus)
04-(1992)- Inner Circle - Sweat (A la la la la long)
05-(2009)- Sylkie Monoff - Laughin
06-(2011)- Skankin Monks - Ma belle amie
07-(1966)- Willeke Alberti - De winter was lang
08-(2011)- Modest Midget - Troubles in Heaven
09-(2012)- Gilles Fourny - Asturias (Isaac Albeniz))
10-(1968)- Doors - Spanish Caravan
11-(1976)- Sailor - Ther Old Nickelodean sound

Pastora Soler EUROPEAN SONG CONTEST 2012 (tip Nr 1) - 
click her pic for website

12-(2012)- Pastora Soler - Quedate conmigo (ESC 2012 Spain)
13-(2011)- Lucia Perez - Que me quiten lo bailao (ESC 2011 Spain)
14-(2009)- Soraya Arnelas - La noche es para mi (ESC 2009 Spain)
15-(2012)- Stephanie Adlington - So in love (Live @ Franklin Theatre)
16-(200x)- StratoVani - Dominique

Stephanie Adlington ... Click pic for site.

22.00 CET Alternation with Peter

18-(2009)- Introduction Sylkie/ Sylkie Monoff - Steal your crown
19-(200x)- Rowen Heze - Lentenacht (Rodus & Lucius)
20-(2009)- Holly Williams - A love i think will last
21-(xxxx)- Sky - Come, sweet May (Spring song, Mozart)
22-(1976)- Kayak - First signs of spring
23-(1969)- Aphrodites Child - Spring summer winter and fall
24-(2010)- One Republic - All the right moves
25-(2010)- Do - Laat het nu maar vrij (Zingen in het donker)

Sylkie Monoff CD Genuine: click pic for site

26-(xxxx)- Aeoliah - Garden of eternal spring
27-(1974)- Rum - Een vrolijk lentelied
28-(198x)- Toontje lager - Lente in Twente
29-(2010)- AnnaGrace - Love keeps calling
30-(xxxx)- Incredible Bongo Band - When the bed breaks down, i'll meet you in the spring
31-(2010)- Catself - Magic (Some Berries)
32-(198x)- Peter de Koning - Het is altijd Lente in de ogen van de tandarts assistente
33-(196x)- Shadows - Foot tapper

Catself - Click on pic for site

23.00 CET Alternation with Peter
34-(2009)- Introduction Sylkie/ Sylkie Monoff - Steal your crown
35-(2010)- Asia - Finger on the trigger
36-(2010)- Barrelhouse - Oh Death (Vintage Blues-2010)
37-(2009)- Loreweaver Ft Barbara Rubin - That night
38-(2010)- Barbara Rubin - Angel heartbeat (Under the Ice-2010)

Barbara Rubin (prog from Italy, Click pic for site.
(Barbara Rubin, Loreweaver and Arcansiel)

39-(1988)- Arcansiel - Evelyn (Four daisies 1988 / Swimming in the sand 2004)
40-(2009)- Sylkie Monoff - Little did you know (Genuine)
41-(1970)- Percy Sledge - My Special Prayer (For Harold)
42-(197x)- Gryphon - Spring song (Treason)
43-(2010)- Anubis - In your mind (Waking the dead)
44-(1996)- Michael Dunford's Renaissance ft Stephanie Adlington - I think of you
45-(1996)- Michael Dunford's Renaissance ft Stephanie Adlington - May you be blessed
46-(1978)- Astrid Nijgh - Welterusten Enkhuizen

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