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Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Trintelhaven comparison June 2005-2006

TRINTELHAVEN 2005-2006 !

In 2005 Big L Radio London aired from the transmitter site of Trintelhaven
in the Netherlands.

Transmissions seized after disagreements between the operator of the site
and Radio London.
Since then it is rumoured that Big L will return on 1395 Khz.

I won't discuss the possibilities of that. I just hope they will at some point.
I think they added an interesting being on the medium wave.
If they will return on 1395 or from the Trintelhaven is uncertain.

This is a neutral picture report of the current (june 2006) site with pics from
2005 for comparison.

Enjoy, Peter

(pics June 2005 by Hans, Peter and Bert, pics June 2006 by Peter)

The dutch translation can be found on:

De Nederlandse vertaling staat op:

Trintelhaven 2005: Overview site

The site on 26-06-2005

Trintelhaven 2006: Overview site

The site on 11-06-2006

Trintelhaven 2005: A more detailed overview

The site in 2005

Trintelhaven 2005: Another detailed overview

More closer in 2005

Compare it with this one from 2006.
A nice place now for rabbits. Can u spot them?

Rather empty area in june 2006

Will it ever happen again?? - June 2005

Big L on 1395 in 2005

Close look trough the fence on the site in 2005

June 2005 - building from closeby

Dramatic view of 2006 and new sign of owner.
If u have € 80.000 a year U can start using this.

New sign but nothing much to see

2005: Details of the building

pic lost

2006: Details of only the fundaments

The buildings which contained the generator and transmitter
are removed by Broadcast Partners

2006: Fundaments only

2005: Seen from different angle

2005: building and dish

2006: seen from different angle

2006 - Antenna and ehhhhh

2005: Someone was being naughty, otherwise this pic wasn't possible
Nice details on this one.

2005: Many details here

2006: To compare with 2005 pics, someone else had to be naughty too!
From this point we look across Trintelhaven harbour to restaurant Checkpoint Charlie

In 2006 there is not much more than fundaments

2005: Site view from the side

2005 - Looking from the IJselmeer side

2006: Looking from the IJselmeer side

2006 - looking from the IJselmeer (Ysellake) side

2005: A look on the antenna by someone in a Caroline 3 ships T-shirt.
Must be an Anorak.

2005 - A view on the antenna

2006: A look on the antenna

2006 - Looking from bottom to top

2006: Detailed view on the container which contains the
antenna tuning unit.

2006 - Detailed view on the container

2006: Around the container is a fence of wood that wasnt there before.
From the container goes a connection to the fundaments of the former
building. (Left top)

2006 - Detailed view on the inside fence of container

2006: And it arrives here, going nowhere

connection to antenna

2006: A view on the fundaments

2006 - detailed view on the fundaments.

2006: A view on the fundaments, different angle

2006 - Overview on fundaments

2006: Overview Trintelhaven - Restaurant / cafe "Checkpoint Charlie".
Here you can sit and look across the Trintelhaven to the site.

Cafe Checkpoint Charlie

2006: Overview Trintelhaven - From CC u can see this:

The other side of Checkpoint Charlie

2006: Overview Trintelhaven -
Around the harbour........ notice the boat at the right

2006 - Trintelhaven harbour

2006: Overview Trintelhaven -
Around the harbour....... Coz the picture below goes from there.
On this one u see at the right Checkpoint Charlie

2006 - part of the harbour. Checkpoint Charlie at the right side

I will check back often as i am living nearby the site.
September pictures below.

Beachradio is also on MySpace (Click the pic)