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Friday, 12 September 2008

Radio Waddenzee 10-09-08 KNV 10-13

Radio Waddenzee Website: Klik op Logo - Click on logo.

Waddenzee (Pop) from 07.00--19.00 in the Dutch language.
Between 19.00 and 07.00: Radio Seagull (Rock)in English.
U can listen on 1602 Khz medium wave or on the internet.

Waddenzee stream: Luister / Listen online.
Klik hier / Click here: Alternatieve stream / Alternative stream.

Klik HIERRRR voor... (Click here for) Waddenzee stream

Click on pic of ship for pics, video and diary of Waddenzee on sea

RADIO WADDENZEE - Every wednesday morning: Peter
KOFFIE? NIET VERKEERD from 10.00-13.00.



01-(!8)- Laura Green & Mayflower primary school - Rocket girl
02-(7x)- OST Thierry de la fronde
03-(!8)- Sharleen Spiteri - Stop! I don't love you anymore
04-(!8)- Monique Smit - Blijf je vanavond
05-(7x)- Bachman Turner Overdrive - You ain't seen nothing yet
06-(7x)- Percy Faith - A time for love
07-(6x)- Four Seasons - C'mon Marianne
08-(6x)- Oliver - Good morning starshine
09-(82)- Lucy Steymel & Hans Elzinga - Good morning sunshine (Live in Den Bosch)

Click pic for site (Picture by Studio Flevo)


10-(6x)- Fortunes - Freedom come, freedom go
11-(8x)- Flash and the Pan - Walking in the rain
12-(74)- Love Unlimited - Walking in the rain
13-(07)- Cats Tribute band - Walking in the rain
14-(6x)- Johnny Ray - Just walking in the rain
15-(7x)- Grand Funk - Some kind of wonderful
16-(!8)- Katy Perry - I kissed a girl
17-(7x)- MFSB - Something for nothing

Radio Waddenzee- Jenni Baynton on the Waddensea


18-(8x)- Bad Manners - Bonanza ska
19-(7x)- Shirley Bassey - Make the world a little younger
20-(7x)- BeeGees - Jive talking
21-(!7)- Roxeanne - Ik hou van jou
22-(81)- Spryng - I see the whole world dancing
-------- (on my wedding day)
23-(!7)- Asia - Video killed the radio star
24-(!7)- Rob de Nijs & Julien Clerc - Een Melodie

Marian Pijnaker - Click pic for site


25-(79)- Matt Bianco - Get out your lazy bed
26-(!8)- Laura Green & Mayflower primary school - Rocket girl
26-(!8)- Mala Vita - Esa ciudad
27-(78)- Earth Wind & fire - September
28-(9x)- Tambourine - Flowers in september
29-(6x)- Helen Shapiro - It might as well rain until september
30-(76)- Catapult - Remember september
31-(82)- Hans Elzinga - Sunday rag / Katz rag (Live in Den Bosch met Lucy Steymel)
32-(6x)- Tune Driemaster / maat in de middag

Marian Pijnaker - Singer of Tower


29-(6x)- Rodys - Take her home
30-(6x)- Billie Joe Royal - Down in the boondocks
31-(83)- U2 - '40 (with Annie Lennox)
32-(96)- Annie Lennox - No more i love you's
33-(82)- Lucy Steymel - I love you's
34-(70)- Eva Gloria Lopez - Vamos a ver
35-(7x)- Los Payos - Maria Isabel

Marian Pijnaker- Click pic 4 website


39-(7x)- Fools - Going back in time
40-(6x)- Chiffons - He's so fine
41-(7x)- George Harrison - My sweet lord
42-(7x)- Gruppo Sportivo - I shot my manager
43-(9x)- Eagles - Hotel California
44-(!7)- Never the Bride - The Living tree
45-(82)- Pale Fountains - Thank you
(Pic By PeTim)

Waddenzee from 07.00-19.00.

Next on 1602 from 19.00-07.00:
Radio Seagull

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