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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Radio Enkhuizen Afwisseling 16-11-2007

Vandaag: 16-11-2007 NL - De AFWISSELING 21.00-24.00:
Centraal vanavond:
Miriam Stockley - CD Eternal 2007
Maar ook Caroline met cd You'll be in my heart, Catching Tales,
Anna Beaumont en Barclay James Harvest.

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Zoals gebruikelijk wordt de playlist van het programma
elke 10 minuten ververst. Of staat zelfs al online.

AFWISSELING STREAM met Peter : Klik op foto-Click on pic

Today: 16-11-2007 UK - The Alternation 20.00-23.00 GMT
02-11-2007 CA - Alternation 14.00-17.00 in the Manitoba area
Featured today:
Miriam Stockley - CD Eternal 2007
But also Caroline with CD You'll be in my heart and BJH.

Miriam: Click on pic Miriam for entering website.

As usual there will be updates from the playlist every 10 minutes.

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21.00 CET Alternation with Peter

01- Miriam Stockley - Nagana Ka Lona - Bourree (Eternal-2007)
02- Geoff Love - How the west was won
03- Barclay James Harvest - Life is for living
04- Miriam Stockley - Adiemus
05- Manic street preachers - Your love alone is not enough
06- Cliff Richard - When two worlds drift apart
07- Anna Beaumont - I believe
08- Marlies - Hole in my heart (piano)

Marlies: Click on pic Marlies for entering Marlies website.
Pic by Kees Jansma for Studio Flevo.

09- Miriam Stockley - Forever my heart (Miriam)
10- Nikolo Kotzev - Ouverture Nostradamus
11- Nikolo Kotzev - Pieces of a dream (Nostradamus
12- Caroline - Wonderful life
13- Shadows - Foottapper

Miriam: Click on pic Miriam for entering website.

22.00 CET Alternation with Peter

14- Miriam Stockley - Hem na nkosi bo (Purcell)
15- Sandra - Innocent love
16- Rutles - With a girl like you
17- Miriam Stockley - Adagio (alla Notte) (CD Eternal)
18- Mike Oldfield - Liberation
--- (Cd Milennium Bell (Vocals: Miriam Stockley)
18- Mike Oldfield - Amber Light
--- (Cd Milennium Bell (Vocals: Miriam Stockley)
19- Caroline - Altijd heb ik je lief (CD: You'll be in my heart)

Caroline: You'll be in my heart - 2007.

20- Caroline - You say you will (CD: You'll be in my heart)
21- Anna Beaumont - Promise my heart
22- Catching Tales- Thought i knew 2004
23- Ben Reel band - Shine 2004
24- Miriam Stockley - Un ricordo - je crois entendre encore
25- Katrina & Waves - Love shine a light

MARLIES & ROBBY VALENTINE VIDEO ON "YOU TUBE" - "When loving you is wrong".

Robby Valentine: Klik op Pic voor Robby Valentine website - Click on pic for entering Robby Valentine website. - Pic by Kees Jansma for Studio Flevo.

23.00 CET Alternation with Peter

26- Mike Oldfield & Miriam Stockley -
--- - Moonlight Shadow (Milennium Bell live in Berlin)
27- Righteous Brothers - You're my soul and inspiration
--- -Felicitaties voor Ko en Astrid Oud en...vooral gewoon doorgaan
28- Royal Philharmonic - Hooked on classics part 3 (the wedding intro)
29- Barclay James Harvest - Fifties child
30- Anna Beaumont - Horizon turns to gold
31- Brian May - Back to the light
32- Robby Valentine - Just a dream 2007
33- Miriam Stockley - Finlandia (CD: Second nature-2006)
34- Miriam Stockley - Se la luna fosse Donna - Moonlight Sonata
--- - CD: Eternal - 2007
35- Catching Tales- A man i'll never become 2004
36- Caroline - You'll be in my heart

37- Astrid Nijgh (zang), Rick vd Linden (Yamaha GX1 synth)
--- en Jenke Kaldenberg op het carillon van de Drommedaris van Enkhuizen:
(De Razende bol-1979)

CREDITS: Many thanks to:

David Stopps, Vicky Austin, Jean Paul de Sartre, Anna Beaumont and Miriam Stockley

Without your support and contribution i couldnt have made this show with great music.

Foto: Irma Kok. Klik hierrrrr voor haar site

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